2013-jewkes-family-photo-low-res-copyWhen I was three years old I spent a lot of time with my grandmother. She taught me many great things, like, playing cards, appreciating Archie Bunker, and crocheting. I crocheted my first sweater at the age of 4, of which my mother still brags about! Every birthday and Christmas everyone just expects to receive a crocheted item from me, in fact they have started making requests!

Crocheting is my favorite pastime, I have a very difficult time sitting watching a movie or riding in a car without crocheting. During crochet season my husband asks each evening, “so what movie are we watching tonight?” For the past 35 years I have loved crocheting for friends and family.

As a mother of four wonderful children starting this business was intimidating and scary. However, it has been and continues to be a labor of love. The greatest satisfaction and joy comes when I get a note or email from a happy customer letting me know how pleased they are with their new stockings. That is what I love most.